Children: A Common Dream For Almost All People

Children are the common dream for everyone. Everyone thinks and dream for having babies on their own. People are so much tensed about their babies. Usually girls take preparations for all the life for having babies without complications. Everyone really loves his or her babies.

When babies are produced in a tube, love does not reduce to a bit even. This is a matter of greater happiness and everyone loves this dreams. You cannot even imagine, how I love babies and how much desperately want babies in my life,

It feels great when you are pregnant and going to have babies. All these time are so sweet that anyone does not want to lose this. Every girl has big dream of getting pregnant at a time and having a baby really changes a lot of things. Babies are the wonderful thing for anyone. My neighbor Susi also loves children. When she came here, she planned everything before making their own house. They planned for taking three babies. Their house is really a big one. She loves to see others children. Susi is also my good friend. I love her more than anyone else does. She is a very friendly young girl. She is younger to me but still she is a good friend of mine. We spend hours on taking about different things. We work together in a community school so she is my colleague too.

She and I make a good friendly couple. We actually posted our photos on RSMC Fertility facebook located in San Diego, CA. One day I felt sick and I returned to home early. Susi had to come alone from the school. But in the mid-way of our home, she fell in dangerous accidents. She was almost dead on that spot. Our other neighbors took her into the hospitals and the doctors inform that she was pregnant for 2 month only. Susi did not know about her pregnancy.

One Person’s Story


She became very upset to lose the baby. But for all of us more upsetting was the second news which was also about her pregnancy. She did not only lose her baby for the first time but also she could never be pregnant anymore in her entire life. She cried for all night long as her only dream was having three children.

The doctors also lost their language for telling anything to Susi. Then the doctor suggested Susi to get In Vitro Fertilization treatment. Susi became optimistic about the In Vitro Fertilization treatment.

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A perfect family needs no explanation obviously, because a perfect family must consist with parents and children. However, if there are no children then it cannot be called a perfect family. A family does not mean to include the husband and the wife only. This is quite common notion everywhere. A family means a lot to anyone. In addition, a perfect family should bind the members together with care and love. Life is fun with husband and a family but life is more fun with a baby in addition. That is to be called a perfect family.

Authors from the mommy makeover tulsa website points out that family needs babies. Babies are the happiest thing that can happen to any couple. Most of the time people think that mother is the prime point of pregnancy and mother is the person who has all the happiness of getting a child. But father becomes happy too when a child is born. And to bear a child in the womb for 7 to 9 months, a mother cannot handle all the things alone. Fathers need to help the wives to maintain several things and obviously with proper care from places like this one. Girls from different points of world may vary but the happiness of being pregnant and growing child inside the body do not vary at all.

That feeling is all the same across the world. Girls want babies desperately in their life and every girl has a dream about being pregnant and growing that child inside own womb though some girls are unhappy and by any accidents or natural happening, girls cannot be pregnant. That is the most horrible and terrifying news to a girl, she can ever hear. These types of accidents are of two types.

Girls have the age limit for being pregnant. Usually that limit is up to 49 years. When women reach in their 50s, the symptoms of menopause starts up and women have less chance to be pregnant in that age so it is natural. Nevertheless, sometimes they may have complication and a chance of death if she gets pregnant in such late age. Therefore, if anyone need to be pregnant at such age they can have surrogate mother to keep the baby. In addition, if everything is normal in terms of age but anyone gets an accident she can go to a surrogate mother. So surrogates are to help others a lot the natural process also should be maintained there too.